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'Crusader Kings II Collection' es una recopilación que te llevará de nuevo de viaje a épocas pasadas, hasta una Europa en constante ebullición. Un momento de la historia en el que la estrategia era la mejor moneda de cambio y las intrigas estaban a la orden del día. Esta impresionante recopilación incluye los siguientes contenidos:

  • 'Crusader Kings II'
  • 'Crusader Kings II African Portraits'
  • 'Crusader Kings II African Unit Pack'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Byzantine Unit Pack'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Dynasty Shield II'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Dynasty Shield'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Legacy of Rome'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Mediterranean Portraits'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Mongol Faces'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Ruler Designer'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Russian Portraits'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Russian Unit Packs'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Songs of Albion'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Songs of Byzantium'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Songs of Faith'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Songs of Prosperity'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Songs of the Caliph'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Songs of the Holy Land'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Songs of the Rus'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Sunset Invasion'
  • 'Crusader Kings II Sword of Islam'
  • 'Crusader Kings II The Republic'

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One of the best strategy games ever!

Obra Maestra!

I have spent countless, countless hours around this game, both in single player as in multiplayer with 4/5 of my friends. It is absolutely great, so much intrigue, drama, strategic thinking going on, that you will feel like you are actually living in that time. You take the role of the head of a dinasty during medieval Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East... and starting from that, you must do anything and i mean ANYTHING possible to survive and endure, to get to power and maintain it.
Just be carefull and don't go crazy and start building a tower to reach Heaven or develop a parachute... (actual events during game) :)

Very good is all i can say.

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